We’ve made it our business to amass a wide array of digital engagement tools and services. So we make it our responsibility to serve as a true end-to-end partner, applying our proprietary analytics and behavioral insights to design and execute programs that create a cohesive, connected experience designed to achieve our clients’ goals.

That design is unique to our clients' audiences, messages, timing, and Key Performance Indicators. And it’s built to flex, swiftly adapting based on real-world dynamics, to ensure we meet and exceed expectations. 

Elements include:



Engage HCP and healthcare consumer audiences with quick, relevant information—within the context of their daily lives

Geo-targeting mobile advertising

Deliver messages precisely where healthcare conversations are happening: waiting rooms, clinics, pharmacies, even the gym

Clinical alerts and eNewsletters

Access more than 85% of U.S. HCPs through high-frequency, highly relevant clinical and branded content

Insight and attitudinal surveys

Understand HCPs' awareness, knowledge, and intent to prescribe—and measure your campaign's impact on these attributes



Deeply engage HCPs through high-value, interactive content that helps advance medical knowledge and patient care  

Source: Manhattan Research, Taking the Pulse® U.S. 2016, Digital HCP Sources

KOL-led presentations

Engage your audiences while they’re in a learning mindset, presenting your messaging alongside highly credible experts


Present branded content in an engaging, multimedia format that leaves a lasting impression

Peer-to-peer collaboration

Gain access to a trusted environment where physicians discuss relevant clinical and practice management challenges

Prescription Support

Prescription Support

Connect HCPs and their patients through a powerful set of tools that ensure a well-stocked sample closet, capture the patient experience, and support ongoing adherence


Offer HCPs secure, online and mobile access to samples of your brand through one of the industry’s largest channel distribution networks


Help patients stay on their branded prescriptions through intelligent mobile messages, based on real-time pharmacy events 

Patient Feedback

Help physicians gain first-hand experience with the value of your therapy, directly from the patients they treat 



Improve your customers' experiences through our deep understanding of audience behaviors; understand their journeys and the impact of our integrated campaigns

Segmentation and targeting

Contextualize your messages to key audiences based on clinical specialty, condition, location, affinities, purchasing decisions and more

Behavioral insights

Deploy cost-effective, high-impact campaigns based on our proprietary Aptus Propensity IndexTM, which evaluates individual providers' affinity to engage by channel

Intelligence and reporting

Understand the true impact of programs—whether measured by awareness, intent, or brand growth—through our rigorous analysis methodology that isolates our contributions to your brand's objectives 

Solid results, flexible payment models 

Our diverse business models include options that let clients make a small investment upfront, then pay based on the incremental value of our campaigns. It’s a true win-win approach.